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I don’t create jewelry for the masses. I create jewelry for the creative-minded, the confident, the adventurous the unorthodox, those looking to express their individuality & personal style. If this is you then you’re a maverick & I create objects for you. Welcome to Maverick Objects!

Maverick Objects is a rough stone jewelry company located outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. In her home studio all designs are sculpted by owner & designer, Val Talbert.

Maverick Objects is jewelry created by miners for creative-minded individuals who want non-conventional jewelry. The designs are created to showcase rough stones in they natural beauty. Val takes the raw stones that they self dig in mines and sets them in contemporary jewelry designs for every day wear. Val uses recycled metals in her designs to help reduce the waste the jewelry industry leaves. Val creates jewelry for those that want a story behind their pieces, she creates jewelry for those who want the freedom to express their personal style, she creates jewelry for those wanting to stand out from the masses.

Maverick Objects is truly a unique company. All stones are 100% conflict free due to the stones being self dug by Val & her husband with some being dug by miners they have become friends with along their travels. Each stone can be traced back to the specific mine and country. Maverick Objects provides jewelry that has been ethically sourced while making positive environmental & societal impacts. Maverick Objects also gives a portion of all proceeds to Gem Legacy to help with their Precious Women Mine which is a mine located in Kenya which gives widows an opportunity to make a reliable income for their families.

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