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Maverick Objects

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Raw Crystal Jewelry

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Raw Crystal Jewelry

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! We are here to make your Valentine's Day gift buying a little easier whether its for your partner, friend or family member. We have selected some... Read More

Raw Crystal Jewelry | Fall Earring Guide

Your Guide To Raw Crystal Earrings We have a stunning collection of raw crystal earrings that are a perfect to accessorize your fall outfits this upcoming season. We offer a... Read More
raw stone earrings, raw crystal earrings, raw crystal jewelry

Our Top Crystals For Anxiety

Many of us suffer from anxiety from mild to severe and turning to healing crystals get help set a meditative state. This is something you can do along with your current therapy, medication, or practices for your anxiety. There are hundreds of natural crystals that one can turn to in order to help with their anxiety and create a more calming environment. These gems are a must, and some of our personal favorites, for anyone wanting to stay anchored in that sacred place of serenit

On The Bench

When you see pictures from Maverick Objects, you mostly see finished products and products styled on models. I wanted to give you a little look into the process of creating our pieces. A lot of dedication, quality workmanship and time goes into creating each unique design.
On The Bench
How To Style Maverick Pieces For Spring

How To Style Maverick Pieces For Spring

This spring we have so many new styles for you to add to your daily wardrobe. Our pieces add the perfect amount of color to your spring looks. Lets first start with our Aztec Bangles.

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